TGLT is a prime residential real estate developer in Argentina with outstanding multifamily housing projects targeted at high and mid-high income segments, with expansion plans toward the middle class segment in various areas of Argentina and Uruguay, currently going through a high-growth stage. TGLT is listed in the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (ticker TGLT) and has an ADR Level 1 program (ticker TGLTY) traded in U.S. OTC Pink.

The Company covers all the roles associated with real estate development, such as: scouting for and acquiring land, product design, marketing, sales, construction management, procurement, post-sale services and financial planning, and counts on the advice of specialized firms in each stage. The architecture and construction are outsourced to first-class specialized companies, which are comprehensively supervised by TGLT.

TGLT has become one of the leading real estate firms in Argentina. At present, TGLT is developing 10 projects in high-demand urban areas in Argentina and Uruguay, which are in different stages: delivery, construction or pre-construction, or product design and approvals, for approximately 600,000 sellable square meters. TGLT is continuously seeking to identify new land opportunities in the markets where it operates and that are suitable for its product strategy.

TGLT’s residential developments are characterized by (i) their privileged locations, (ii) their size, with a minimum of 10,000 square meters of sellable area, (iii) their designs and the quality of their materials, and (iv) the range and quality of their services. The projects are marketed under the brands Forum (luxury developments in prime locations for the highest income segment); Astor (premium projects for the mid-high segment) and Metra (targeted to the mid/mid-high segments with an 8/10-year cooperative financing scheme). Additionally, TGLT develops mixed-use projects such as Venice and FACA that are transforming neglected land into urban complexes that combine homes, offices and retail.

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